Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA)

Telling the story of music education over the last 100 years in a state as large as Texas is no easy feat. But when music speaks to you, you answer.


For 100 years the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) has ensured excellence in music education on behalf of Texas music educators and all Texas schoolchildren and their parents, in choir, band, and orchestra, from kindergarten through college. In early 2020 TMEA kicked off its centennial celebrations, and we were asked to help visually tell the story of why music education is important in Texas and engage members, parents, students, state legislators, business leaders, school administrators, and educators to champion the value of music education.

We began first with messaging and developed a tagline for the campaign—"It starts with music." We then created a series of videos to explore personal stories of students, educators, parents and business leaders in Texas to share the importance of music education in their lives or the lives of their child or students. These six stories show the challenges children face in school and how music education is a vital part of helping them overcome these challenges and ultimately thrive in the world. 

We also refreshed the TMEA visual identity and created a centennial logo, and designed the look & feel that was used at the 2020 TMEA Convention in San Antonio.

Story & Messaging
Visual Identity
Brand Identity
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—Mark Jackson | Chief Development Officer