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in a whole new way

Showing the impact one president can make through the power of a pen, can shed new light on history for generations of Americans to come.

the challenge

Branding a presidential legacy

In 2012 the LBJ Presidential Library invested $12 million in a major redesign of its permanent exhibit, and we were hired to rebrand it. But in reality, our task was much bigger: we were tasked with new messaging and branding not just for the Presidential Library, but for the LBJ Presidency itself. Our work would be the first step in a multi-year effort to help a new generation of Americans recognize President Johnson, not just for Vietnam, but for his enormous domestic agenda.

the Solution

To re-frame his story, we based our work on the insight that by signing his legislation, LBJ changed the course of history. We changed the name from “Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum” to the more elegant and pointed LBJ Presidential Library and created a new logo family that tells the story of the Presidency. From there we delivered a new visual identity; website & online store; advertising campaign; signage and collateral materials; and a national publicity campaign.


To publicize the grand opening of the new exhibit, we secured media coverage across the country and even a category dedicated to the LBJ Presidential Library on the game show Jeopardy!.

We also created a print, broadcast & digital advertising campaign that told the story of President Johnson’s domestic achievements and featured a :30 PSA with Matthew McConaughey shot in a replica of President Johnson’s Oval Office. The PSA ran statewide and garnered coverage in Texas Monthly for McConaughey’s involvement.

LBJ Logo Family