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The stars at night

are big and bright

What started over 135 years ago has become one of the largest alumni associations in the world. And it was time to reconnect alumni to the Longhorn Nation in a meaningful and consistent way.

the challenge

Reconnecting with all my exes

With a new mission, vision, and strategic plan, The University of Texas at Austin’s alumni association, the Texas Exes, asked us to rebrand the organization to ensure its relevance with key constituents.

the Solution

Using our own comprehensive brand audit—which included email surveys, focus groups, and dozens of interviews—we found high brand awareness and positive perception but muddled messaging and visual identity. We developed a visual schema for the brand, designed a refreshed logo that respected the long history and tradition of the organization while making it relevant for a new generation, and created graphic standards.


We also refreshed the Alcade, the alumni magazine, and helped with the internal and external rollout of the new branding.