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the racial divide

And branding the premier event for race relation discussions in America.

the challenge

The continued healing of our nation begins with education

Five years after hosting The Civil Rights Summit, the LBJ Foundation hosted The Summit on Race in America to explore our nation’s continuing racial divide and struggle for racial equality with civil rights icons, activists, musicians, comedians, thought leaders, and community leaders.

the Solution

To brand The Summit on Race in America we created a signature mark featuring two speech bubbles within a waving American flag offset from one another to represent the inherent tensions of this complex issue. Our deliverables included the event name and logo; printed collateral; and a publicity campaign. Simultaneously, we led publicity and digital ad campaigns for the Library’s new “Motown: The Sound of Young America” exhibition, which previewed to 300 VIP guests on the Summit’s closing night.


The Summit on Race in America garnered local, statewide, and national media attention, including several opinion articles about the Summit and the conversations it provoked among attendees.