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connection & growth

TSAE exists to be a supportive community that brings out the best in each other, but they needed help communicating the best aspects of themselves.

the challenge

Reaching a new generation of members

In 2016 the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE) selected us to conduct a brand evaluation and develop an updated visual identity and message platform to ignite excitement and enthusiasm among its member base.

the Solution

Our work included multiple focus groups, interviews, and surveys. Among our most important findings was the perception that TSAE’s visual identity and messaging were a mismatch for what members wanted—particularly the next generation. We introduced new messaging featuring the way TSAE serves its members at all stages of their careers and connects them to valuable resources as they grow. We expressed this core idea with a new logo and a new tagline, “Better Together.”


The result was a vibrant, contemporary look and feel that would appeal to TSAE members from entry-level through CEO, and new messaging crystallizing why members should be inspired to achieve their own professional growth, as well as support one another, under the banner of TSAE.

TSAE logo evolution