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A bold identity for

science superheroes

Science helps us understand the world. We helped a community dedicated to advancing science in the classroom find its purpose… and understand themselves better in the process.

the challenge

A visual representation of scientific inspiration

STAT is the only general science education association in the state, serving science educators of all disciplines and grade levels, including elementary education, environmental science, earth science, biology, chemistry, informal science, and physics. Ever-changing dynamics over its 60+ years as an organization led to brand confusion and a lack of clarity about its purpose.

the Solution

Through a brand audit, including focus groups with educators from across the state, we were able to identify STAT’s brand purpose: To inspire discovery of the world through science.

We expressed the ideas of discovery, inspiration, passion, and science in a new logo and visual identity. The logo features an abstract atom mark, bright and dynamic colors, and custom-drawn letters to project a sense of forward movement within the logotype.


We created extensive brand guidelines, a new paper system, and member swag for the brand reveal.

STAT Logo Family